Muddy Boots Farm, LLC

Muddy Boots Farm

We are a cornucopia of skills and knowledge about modern day farming and sustainability. Our farm raises our meat with the love and respect that each animal deserves. We only raise what there is a need for as not to create more farm waste. 

We are proudly Environmentally Verified through MAEAP

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What does it mean to be a MAEAP Farm?

MAEAP helps farmers adopt cost-effective practices that reduce erosion and runoff into ponds, streams, and rivers

MAEAP means that our farm is held to a higher standard and works to make the earth a better and safer place

The Sign

The first time we got to see the sign

Welcome Home

The sign that shows everyone where we are! 

The Certificate 

The certificate that makes it all the more officle 

What Our Farm Has To Offer 

Eggs Fresh From The Farm

Eggs are available for self serve on the farm, in the store front Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

Heres Your Sign

There is a sign at the end of the driveway so that you can't miss us

Willie Enjoying Some Berries

Hope our Little Rescue Piggy

The first sign of spring 2023

The Very First Little Lamb 

Get To Know Us

The Farm - Our Safe Haven

The farm was once a part of a fully functioning dairy farm. Since then our family has owned this farm since 1985.  The plan was always to make this a family farm. It took longer than expected, but in March of 2022 we started working to turn it back into a functioning farm. We are only a small farm but strive for the best lives for our animals and community. We are always learning and finding better ways to care for our animals.

Trish(Mom) - The Brains 

Raised on her family's small farm with beef cattle and chickens, but did not continue that until starting again in summer of 2016 with just a few chickens. Trish is the one with all the ideas for the the farm and keeps us going. She is also the one who is responsible for all of the gardening. 

Bean -The Feeder and The Builder

Bean was raised in Detroit and has no farming background, but plenty of a passion for animals. Bean is responsible for feeding the animals, but most the time finds it more to be her joy. Bean is also always looking for better ways to house and care for our animals. She has built most of our housing situations for the animals on the farm. 

Sunshine - The Property Manager

Sunshine is the one behind the camera and social media. She is also most peoples contact to the farm. She has always had a love and passion for animals. Sunshine makes connections to get the animals that we are looking for on the farm as well as the people looking for the animals that we have available. 


Contact Name: Sunshine 

Phone(text or call): (269) 605-9631